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GPS Fleet Management

Reliable asset tracking that saves time and money for every business.

Companies across the globe have used fleet tracking systems to save money, increase productivity, improve customer service and get a far better ROI.

Capture real time data on vehicle’s position, speed, fuel use, idling, and more with the Telcon’s GPS fleet tracking management system. Manage your fleet to suite your business needs with scalable and flexible data from your fleet and equipment.

Benefits and Ability


Real-time fleet data reported
Customer service times
Unplanned stops identified
Drive time vs. customer service time


Risk and safety reporting
In-vehicle coaching
Accident notifications
Seatbelt use

Fleet Optimization

Improve gas mileage
Reduce idling
Reduce speeding
Engine diagnostics

Compliance Solutions

Maintain compliance with regulations:
Driver E-logs

Expandability Solutions

Flexible technology
Add-Ins & Add-Ons
Software development kits

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How It Works

GPS modems

Installed into the vehicle or equipment. Individual IP addresses are assigned to each GPS modem to broadcast vehicle specific data. Satellites will be used to broadcast data when vehicles operate in remote locations.

Real Time Data

Data that is collected in real time includes; vehicle location, speed and route traveled. It is then collected and stored on a secure TELUS-hosted server. The frequency of data notification settings can be set by each customer.

Fleet Tracking

The Telcon GPS fleet tracking system provides companies with the ability to improve fleet management with, reduce costs, and uncover additional revenue-generating opportunities.


With this high end technology companies have the ability to schedule and improve communication which enhances customer service with faster and more accurate response times.

Fleet Management Solutions for Any Industry

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