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Business communications company owner

23 years in business, 37 years in Telecommunications.

Yes I’ve been rowing in a sea of change since 1979. Technology has moved at a rapid pace, challenging those involved within that field and we here at Telcon have met the challenge head on with learning, growing and adapting to the advanced offerings available. It’s an exciting field in what seems like daily enhancements to applications and products to assist in the personal and business communication space. Yes, change is all around us but one aspect of Telcon that you can find comfort in….there is little change in our commitment to providing our customers with the professional, courteous and prompt service we promise to deliver on a daily basis. Since 1994 we have been delivering that commitment with honesty, integrity and fair dealings, which we will continue for years to come. Our door is open, we have assembled a great team, let us provide and support your Telecommunications needs starting today to beyond tomorrow, let’s begin……

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